Sacred Energy Martial arts styles

Summary of Vitality Martial arts styles

The Martial Arts can be classified into 5 main branches: Acrobatics, Martial Arts, Wrestling, Karate and Energy Arts. Most people think of the Martial Arts as competitions, but they are also a way of life. Many individuals practice various martial arts for wellness and fitness. Some others want to learn how to protect themselves from possible danger, while others wish to get in better physical shape.

Energy Arts includes classes in the following disciplines: Dragon & Tiger Medical Qi Gong, Qigong (Chi) exercise program, and Kung Fu. There is a difference between internal martial arts and external martial arts. The former focuses on maintaining harmony within one’s body, mind, and spirit. On the other hand, kung fu is all about enhancing your energy (chi) flow, strength, flexibility, and immune system.

Most people learn energy arts as a fitness program, either as an added bonus to their regular workout routine, or as a stand-alone discipline. Classes often focus on conditioning the body, improving the self-defense skills of women, and learning various forms of mediation. Some instructors train their students in meditating with a professional, peaceful voice, breathing techniques, relaxation, and meditation techniques. Instructional studies usually cover the art of accurate breathing, acupuncture, Reiki, and Tai Chi.

Some energy arts are influenced by various traditional philosophies, such as those of Taoism and Kung Fu. For example, tai chi, the most popular form of martial arts today, is based on the ancient teachings of Lin Yin, who wrote a book on the subject. The book is called Tai Chi Mastery, and the founder of the martial arts founded the American Wing Chun institute.

Neigong is one branch of the Chinese martial arts that grew out of Tai Chi mastery. Neigong teaches you how to develop your internal power, which is defined by the energy lines that connect the five elements. According to this philosophy, if you strengthen these lines (either through exercise, meditation, or breathing), they will flow into your body and strengthen your internal organs. The internal power of a person can be significantly strengthened with neigong sets. Some types of neigong sets include the following:

Another form of internal power training that is used in energy arts is wu style tai chi. This is sometimes referred to as a pure form of Tai Chi, since it is based on meditation, breathing exercises, and energy awareness. It is used for stress management and as part of a more holistic health approach to fitness and well being. One type of wu style tai chi meditation is called turtle meditation, and it involves sitting on a small turtle posture to focus your mind and body on silence and on the environment.

Other forms of internal energy arts include: spear arts, stick styles, and spear breathing techniques. In stick styles of Tai Chi, the practitioner holds onto a stick and alternates to lift the stick and striking it against the ground. Spear practices consist of throwing a large stone as if it is a weapon. The goal is to throw the stone as high as possible while staying in a balanced position. In Qi Gong applications, both qi and energy are utilized to manipulate the physical body, to increase strength and stamina, and to correct bad habits. Both qi and energy arts can be quite challenging and should only be practiced by someone who is highly educated in this method of application and by those who have completed several years of training under an experienced master.

In the United States, there is a variety of instructional programs available for beginner students as well as for advanced practitioners. Tai Chi has become popular not only as a fitness and health method but also as a method of self-care and meditation. Many people have found it to be an effective way to relieve stress and to improve overall health. For those who are interested in learning more about this ancient art, there are several books that have been written on the subject, and various magazines that feature articles about the many benefits of practicing this form of Chinese martial art. A basic understanding of energy arts can benefit the overall health and well being of a person, and a person with little knowledge of these methods may find that they are better able to apply the concepts of this ancient art of healing and health to their daily activities.

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