National Martial arts styles plus Ideas Convention

Martial arts disciplines Plus Designs: The Release

It is a sad day when arts and crafts have become somewhat taken for granted, especially in this economy. While the arts and crafts industry remain strong, it has been taking a huge hit because of the recession. In order to encourage the revival of interest in the arts and crafts community, there are a number of unique events that we are going to look at today.

The first is our annual Arts and Crafts Celebration. This year’s celebration will take place on Saturday, October 6 from noon until two o’clock in the afternoon in the Bannockburn Park Community Center. There is an early demo of a new children’s play food product that has been receiving rave reviews. Also there is an exhibitor only art and crafts sale with over forty different vendors displaying a wide variety of handmade goods.

The second Arts and Crafts Celebration are our 10th Annual Art and Crafts Fair. This special occasion runs October through November. This is a family oriented festival that features arts and crafts booths, live music, demonstrations by noted artists, children’s activities, and a flea market with locally owned products. This is a great opportunity for parents to buy gifts for their children and for crafters to sell their items. Overlooked by the corner of North Avenue and Cedar Street is a historic area that has housed a number of noted arts and craft establishments including the oldest craft printing press in the area.

There are also several chapters who have set up shop along the avenue and they display a variety of handmade items as well as their latest products. Two crafters who are located just down the street are Steve Aschenbrenner and Kathy Baits. They sell primarily jewelry but also offer other decorative accents and specialty crafting materials. This is also a prime location for children’s craft shows.

There is also a great deal of activity going on at the Cedar Street Playhouse. This venue is also home to the award winning Children’s Theatre. Kids will love the variety of plays and puppet shows, as well as the workshops for new artisans and crafters. The venue is open Friday evenings through Sunday evening. There is typically an additional stage during the evening shows, so be sure to check out this one if you are in the neighborhood.

One of the most exciting things about Cedar Street is that it has a child-centered retail store. It is located in the former industrial area and is off of North Avenue. Here you will find a variety of arts and crafts for kids, along with books, videos, and CDs featuring children’s stories and songs. There are even a few free activities and crafts to enjoy while you’re shopping.

If you are looking for an arts and crafts store that features not only new merchandise but also offers classes for kids and adults, the Satellite Arts and Crafts Store is your best choice. They are located on 33rd Street, off of North Avenue. This satellite arts and crafts store caters to the crafters and artists of all ages. Their featured artists include: Kevin Ekborn, Karen Blauenkrog, Carla Rohfling, and Heidi Umenrich.

All of these businesses make it easy for crafters and artists to find new and interesting projects to create. Whether you are looking for a new and unique children’s project or want to learn how to decorate your home, there are plenty of arts and craft ideas in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. The amount and variety of products and services are varied enough to fit any kind of budget or artistic taste. Take a look around and see for yourself!

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