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2008 –

nowIn 2008 Nathan returned full time to live performance.

2006 – Boys will be Girls

2006Nathan and music industry guru Olivier Bezzardi try to pull off one of the most audacious stunts in the history of pop, passing off a bunch of former male stars as a hot new girl band. Can you tell they are men….?

2005 – Totally Scott-Lee (MTV)

2002During Nathan’s time of managing artist Lisa Scott-Lee and Andy Scott-Lee Nathan featured as their manager on Totally Scott-Lee.

The show was one of the highest rated viewings MTV had seen.

2003 – Hit me Baby 1 more time

2003Nathan performed as Brother Beyond on ITV “Hit Me Baby 1 More Time” and won the audience vote.

This is when Nathan realised how he has missed his singer career and shortly after this, moved back into singing again.

2001 > 2006 – Management

20012006After life as a performer Nathan started to take a back seat and became a manager. He managed artist such as Lisa Scott-Lee, James Fox, Keedie, Phixx, Andy Scott-Lee and many more.

Throughout management Nathan also appeared on a number of TV shows that started to bring Nathan back into the world of singing.

1994 > 2000 – Worlds Apart

19942000Soon after Brother Beyond Nathan was fortunate enough to join
another boyband “Worlds Apart”. They sold over xx million albums and have xx top ten hits through France, Germany, Poland and xx

At the age of 35 the band retired, Steve moved onto acting, Cal spent time with his son and Nathan………

1985 > 1991 – Brother Beyond

19851991Nathan Moore was the lead singer in one of the most popular boy bands of the 80’s “Brother Beyond”. Nathan Moore topped the charts with Stock Aitken & Waterman hits “The Harder I Try” (No.2) and “He Aint No Competition” (No. 6)