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Blues Melodies And The Blues Scale

It became big and synonymous with the Windy City itself, Chicago, where it became a historical part of the American music culture. The blues originated from African musical techniques which collided with American folk and country music. The musicality is incorporated with personal emotional expression and endless improvisation. Out of blues, rock n’ roll and jazz were born and yet the blues itself remains timeless and unchanging. We owe some of the greatest pieces of music there is in the world to blues.

The line itself as sung in the chorus “I can’t quit you baby” was written so that Dixon could draw out an impassioned performance from Rush. The perfect balance between the vocals and the instruments, with the unique addition of horns in the 1967 recording of Rush makes it a timeless classic. The influence it had on many successful musicians throughout the decades cements this song as one of the greatest of the blues of all time. This unexpected success alerted record labels to the potential profit of “race records,” and singers such as Ma Rainey andBessie Smith began to introduce the blues to an even wider audience through their recordings. Following the Great Migration that also inspired Chicago-style jazz, Southern black migrants introduced the city to a new kind of music — one that spoke of trials and tribulations, sorrows and successes.

He is the most celebrated blues artist out of the three kings with a flourishing career that endured an amazing 5 decades. His call-and-response vocal style and praise-worthy guitar skills has cemented him as a legend in the world of blues and in the history of music. One of B.B.’s signature songs is the 1970 major hit “The Thrill Is Gone”.

Blue notes seem to split the difference between mi/me (\hat3/\flat\hat3)[/latex] orti/te (\hat7/\flat\hat7)[/latex]. Another essential part of blues phrase structure is the notion of call-and-response, a feature likely inherited from the work songs of enslaved Africans and African Americans. The vocal, lyricized melody takes on the role of the “call” while an instrumental filler takes on the role of the “response.” Notice that in “Gulf Coast Blues,” each lyric labelled with an a is sung entirely and exclusively in the first two measures. Blues songs are often texted, and the lyrics consist of a lyric line which gets repeated, then followed by a contrasting line . On his first instrumental album since 1997, the guitar master delivers a wonderfully diverse and balanced collection of funky originals. You’ll always find friendly exchange policies and avid staff who are musicians & music lovers just like you.

Join The Blues Foundation in celebrating blues music, preserving blues heritage, and expanding worldwide awareness of the blues genre. Blues originated in the Deep South after the US Civil War in the 19th century, evolving from the oral tradition of African American work songs and spirituals, which featured the call-and-response patterns that are still prominent in blues today. It came into mainstream popularity in the 1920s when it also developed its common AAB lyric pattern. Blues songs were centred around the pain of loss and injustice but also expressed the victory in outlasting these painful experiences. The music also originated with a slow tempo that has since become faster with its increase in popularity. From the 1920s to the 1950s, many blues songs reflected experiences of the “Great Migration” as millions of southern blacks moved to northern cities such as Chicago and Detroit in search of work.

But this is Memphis, so you can bet we have more than one music fest for blues-lovers. Each January, the world’s largest gathering of blues acts fills the clubs of Beale Street. The extravaganza brings wailers, stompers and fans from all over the globe to revel in 260 performers at 20-plus venues, with a grand finale at Memphis’ historic Orpheum Theatre. The long list of artists who have competed in the International Blues Challenge over the past 35 years includes Eden Brent, Watermelon Slim and other acclaimed names. We’re back from Jordan, where we played a wonderful tour of five performances!