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at best little bit of literary works in the world

Are probably the largest at best bit of booksWhen thinking about the longest piece of literature, one cannot help but reflect upon Shakespeare. In fact, when I was young I used to try and analyse why the Bard was so good at weaving tales of love, tragedy, comedy and despair, weaving them into stories that, […]

at best little bit of literary works on the earth

Are probably the largest at best bit of literatureOne of the most asked questions in the history of reading is, “What is the longest piece of literature?” In a survey taken almost a decade ago, the answer was, “Master and Lovers.” Today we might say, “parable and saga of two parallel worlds.” But in both […]

at best little bit of literary works on the globe

Are probably the largest at best bit of readingWhat’s the longest piece of literature ever written? I was actually talking to an interesting fellow who likes to read historical fiction and he asked that question. I told him, without hesitation, that The Great Gatsby belongs in the long list. After reading it a few times, […]

at best little bit of literature in the world

Are probably the largest at best item of literary worksThe answer to the question, “what is the longest piece of literature?” is not a simple one. For some people it would be The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. For others, it would be Moby Dick. But, if you ask me, I would say that The […]

Sacred Energy Martial arts styles

Summary of Vitality Martial arts stylesThe Martial Arts can be classified into 5 main branches: Acrobatics, Martial Arts, Wrestling, Karate and Energy Arts. Most people think of the Martial Arts as competitions, but they are also a way of life. Many individuals practice various martial arts for wellness and fitness. Some others want to learn […]

Hallowed Energy Martial arts disciplines

Breakdown of Electricity DisciplinesWhat is Energy Arts? Bruce Frantzis and Joseph Tainui created and taught “Energetic Concepts, an interactive system for awakening your own spiritual nature.” In Energy Arts, Bruce and Joseph Tainui teach how to use the energy flowing through you to accomplish your purpose in life. They say that you can become a […]

Almost holy Energy Artistry

Review of Electrical power ArtsEnergy Arts is an ancient healing art that originated in China. The art is the result of many years of study and evolution by master masters in the Far East. The founder of the art was Dr. Yang, who studied kenpo and Chinese martial arts in Europe. He realized that many […]

Almost holy Energy Martial arts styles

Introduction to Strength Martial artsEnergy Arts is a broad genre of Chinese martial arts, and they borrow some ideas from Kung Fu, Chi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan and other forms of Chinese martial arts. They focus more on energy than on the physical body. Tai Chi Chuan is the most popular form of energy arts. […]

Country’s Disciplines in addition to Products Discussion

Artistry Along with Ideas: A good IntroIf you love creative people and arts and crafts then the Arts and Crafts Easter Party is perfect for you. This family-friendly Easter celebration will be full of fun, family-oriented games and crafts. You can use the opportunity to share and promote your own craft ideas and products with […]

Country wide Artistry and Products Discussion

Arts Plus Designs: A good ArrivalArts and Crafts Crafters have been around for many centuries. The name itself tells you little about the craft; however, it does provide clues about the materials used to create their works. arts and crafts crafters are usually considered to be painters, sculptors, or similar type artists. Their art usually […]