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The Evolution Of Music Although the international slave trade ended in 1807, in America slavery continued. In 1965, The Byrds adapted the song for “He was a Friend of Mine,” a tribute to President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Fine Clothes to the Jew , he turned to the blues for a poetic form derived from and […]

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Discover The Blues, From Legends To Live Music, In Memphis The Blues Foundation’s COVID – 19 Blues Musician Relief Fund and HART Fund provide financial and medical assistance for musicians in need, while Blues in the Schools programs and Generation Blues Scholarships expose new generations to blues music. The Blues Hall of Fame Museum, located […]

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Amsterdam, Netherlands Blues Music Events The sound of the gospel quartet had an influence on the parallel development of the pop vocal groups. The main difference between the blues of the Delta and the blues of Chicago was that the former was mainly solo, while the latter was increasingly relying on a band format . […]

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Blues Music Art For Sale One of the few female composers, Texas blueswoman Victoria Spivey recorded in St Louis, accompanying herself at the piano, her own Blue Snake Blues , Arkansas Road Blues , with Alonzo “Lonnie” Johnson on guitar, Dope Head Blues , T.B. Kansas City had experienced its first wave of black immigrants […]

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Blues Music In History Chicago is often credited as the home of the urban blues, and, with its burgeoning recording industry, the city’s vibrant musical environment became a draw for jazz, blues and other musicians. Other blues expressed some nostalgia for the south, as Muddy Waters did in “Louisiana Blues,” and “Feel Like Going Home” […]

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Blues Music Like in the Mardi-Gras streets of New Orleans, the party at Bourbon Street goes on pretty much until you decide to leave. The first show at the Blue fig was magical, playing for an appreciating audience. The atmosphere was relaxed and the warm night was a beautiful start of our five gigs. The […]

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Blues Music & Artists And theRoyal Concertgebouwalso hosts regular jazz performances in its smaller halls – as well as gigs from the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw and the Metropole Orchestra in the main hall. Staying in downtown Memphis, it’s a short walk from Beale Street to South Main Street, where Earnestine & Hazel’s serves […]

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Music Theory The effect of African music on white music was initially barely felt, but it was going to become the main factor fueling innovation. In fact, the folk music of Europeans had barely changed at all over the centuries, but was going to change dramatically once African-American music became to influence it. Rhythm was […]

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900+ Blues Music Ideas In the 19th century the English phrase blue devils referred to the upsetting hallucinations brought on by severe alcohol withdrawal. This was later shortened to the blues, which described states of depression and upset, and it was later adopted as the name for the melancholic songs that the musical genre encapsulates. […]

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Blues Melodies And The Blues Scale It became big and synonymous with the Windy City itself, Chicago, where it became a historical part of the American music culture. The blues originated from African musical techniques which collided with American folk and country music. The musicality is incorporated with personal emotional expression and endless improvisation. Out […]