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The answer to the question, “what is the longest piece of literature?” is not a simple one. For some people it would be The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. For others, it would be Moby Dick. But, if you ask me, I would say that The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri is the most beautiful book ever written and that it is a work of art that should be studied by all people, no matter what their religion or nationality.

For centuries, people have been trying to answer the question, “what is the longest piece of literature?” Some people have put forward theories as to how much did it cost to create The Divine Comedy. There are even those who have posed the question as to how much did it cost to buy the books that make up the series. But, when it comes to literary value, there is no way to measure artistic value.

We cannot measure the value of art by any standard other than its ability to delight the senses. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. So, the standard by which we measure the authors of the greatest novels or the most popular short stories, such as The DaVinci Code, is not the word count on The Divine Comedy. It is not the number of characters in the story who speak Shakespearean dialogue.

In that book, after Harry Potter kills Voldmort, Montague Tiggorrow, a British citizen, transfers his mind into a crystal ball and goes back in time to try to solve the mystery of how he got his soul back. The writer of the DaVinci code, Alexandre Dumas, has spent only three hundred pages creating a full-length sequel to the original text. The first three hundred pages describe the backdrop of events leading to the main plot. Dumas then goes into detail about the subspace emissary, who have survived death, and the daVinci code itself, which is locked away in an unknown location deep underground in London. Dumas then takes us back to the modern world where he and his two assistants continue their search for the meaning of the DaVinci code, and how it relates to the world’s conquest.

While this sounds like a rather complicated of a plot to follow, it is not, because these literary devices are used to give the reader access into the internal thoughts of the characters within the story. If a character is thinking about something, they may write it down, or type it out on a computer, or write it out on a paper napkin. However, they do not always realize what they are thinking about at the time, and thus they are unable to vocalize it. This is analogous to an individual writing down an idea or feeling while driving their car, while in the future, they encounter another person with the same thought or feeling, and cannot vocalize it because their thoughts are imprinted on their subconscious mind from thousands of miles away.

These devices, or “literary devices” as an apt phrase has it, are used to help the reader associate an idea with that of another character, and also to help them realize that two people who have never met may be deeply connected by the subconscious. For example, take the plot of Mary’s sister Nelly, who has moved to New York City after her husband dies in a plane crash. Mary is overjoyed to live in this big city, and also feels very depressed about her loss. She has a crush on Nelly’s best friend Joanna, but doesn’t want to tell Joanna that she is in love with her. In other words, Mary is using literary devices to trigger her own emotional responses, and for Nelly, she is using her feelings and emotions to trigger that of Mary.

When reading Mary’s piece of fiction, I found it difficult not to feel that she was a sister looking for her long lost brother. This technique is often used by writers to make their characters seem more real to the reader – after all, how could these people not know each other if they’d only ever met? Using the literary device of a past life is also a popular method of implanting emotions into a story, to make the reader think about the possibility of parallel lives existing elsewhere. This is particularly useful when dealing with themes such as past lives, reincarnation, multiple personality disorder and mind control. Using literary devices helps to bring such topics up-to-date and discuss topics that may otherwise go unnoticed by readers.

A longer piece of fiction can often be a good way to write a sequel to your previous piece. As you think of ideas for a sequel, imagine what could have happened between the events in your first novel. This will help you immerse yourself in the characters of your sequel, making the new storyline all the more interesting.

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