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What’s the longest piece of literature ever written? I was actually talking to an interesting fellow who likes to read historical fiction and he asked that question. I told him, without hesitation, that The Great Gatsby belongs in the long list. After reading it a few times, he said it must be the longest piece of literature ever written. The novel itself is more than 700 pages long. If it were picked up by a publishing house today, it would sell for several million dollars.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I sure do not want any part of it. That book is pure trash. It is filled with empty fluff and worse yet, most of what you are reading is repetition. I mean, how many times did you say something like “Well, that’s not important”? Really, America needs to take a long hard look in the mirror and realize that we are allowing our public to read things like this, which make them utterly ridiculous.

In fact, the only two sentences in the entire book are the first two. The rest is just fillers, word salads, and pretty much an attempt to write an article for the Times. One would think that a writer who is self-employed enough to compose a blockbuster best-seller would have more respect for his craft. Apparently, the author either has not read enough or does not care enough to write a well-written piece of literature worthy of the Times. I dare to hope that he hasn’t been reading the Lichtenstein family’s newest collection, Subspace Emissary, which comes out next month.

The author of the greatest piece of literature ever written, and that’s coming, is Charles Dickens. Did you know that he only wrote one book in English, and it was forty years old at the time? You should not let history repeat itself, especially when it comes to literary giant Charles Dickens. I am amazed that such a wonderful writer was able to pen what has become known as the “Great Expectations”, and that he did not allow his work to be copied by others before his death. How could he know how to write a book 40 years ago? Furthermore, why would someone overlook the masterpieces of other writers, which is so obviously obvious in both style and content?

I also wonder how much did it cost to write the books that we know of, such as “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Robinson Crusoe”, and “Walden”. Did they cost too much to publish? It appears that there is a large section of society which needs to educate themselves on the history of the world, and stop making fun of the great authors before their time. Seriously, there is nothing like reading a book written by someone who lived long before us, and who had a great deal of influence on our present culture. Just as “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” shows that England can be a very wealthy country, reading “The Adventures of Peter Rabbit” shows that these things can be accomplished even in our own modern society.

Finally, I am bothered by people who are trying to make a “tale” out of a piece of written material and are using quotes taken out of context. The most notable example of this is quoting from “The Heartbreak Kid”. If you take out the actual quote that includes a profanity, you have a different story. If a famous writer took out a portion of a quote, which quoted someone else, and falsely implied that it was written by the person who said it, you would not have any of those problems. As long as the words written by the other person are quoted accurately, there is no problem.

Now then, how long was “ithrow Away the Night” really? Over three hundred years, I believe. Or maybe it was one of the first installments of “The Princess and the Pea”. “The Heartbreak Kid” might be the biggest piece of fiction ever written, and the largest piece of literature written by a woman, which is also written by a man. But, the largest piece of fiction by a woman, which were also written by a man, and which also has the largest ending than any other piece of fiction, should probably be considered a masterpiece.

Therefore, we can safely say that the “throw Away the Night” is a masterpiece. It might even be the greatest piece of literature ever written. And, we can also safely say that it is in the bestseller list. It may even have more awards than all the other works put into that list combined. We should all be proud of this creation. And I hope that you will read “throw Away the Night” as soon as possible.

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