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Arts In addition to Homemade projects: A strong Benefits

“Singing, Drinking and Crafting: Arts and Crafters for Life” is a DVD series that provides an early demo of my latest book “The Artist’s Way: On Use and Creative Making”. I am always amazed at how much difference a few simple lessons can make. The concepts presented in this DVD are perfect for the crafter who wants to expand his or her creative world while adding a bit of exercise as well. You will not only learn the basics of guitar strumming, but also about bending and stretching, and how to use those skills to create meaningful and beautiful music.

I have always viewed myself as a bit of an artist. I’ve spent many years working as a commercial tattoo artist. Now I look at my craft work as an expression of my inner creativity. My latest book “The Artist’s Way” describes my process of discovery and creation. After so many years of chasing the carrot of a new career, I finally realized that the best way to create meaningful art would be to learn about it in a hands-on way.

I have practiced my painting, drawing and dancing skills for years. Over the years, I discovered that the more I practiced, the better I became at each skill. Dancing is something that I did as a child. When I started reading about it, I realized that the benefits of learning to dance included increased balance, coordination and strength.

I started reading books about crafts and arts. I discovered that there were different methods for doing each task. In fact, I discovered that there were different rules for each. One day a friend came over and taught me the basics of French kissing. I was thrilled when I discovered that I could kiss anyone without having to remove my clothes!

Another favorite craft book is “Songs for Your Life”. This book provides simple, easy to learn songs to help children with their daily routine. The first song “Goodnight, Sleep Tight” was especially good for me because it teaches a child how to fall asleep without crying. A parent often times encourages their child to stop crying in order to get better grades in school. “Songs for Your Life” teaches children how to get to their safe place instead of letting the tears roll down their cheeks.

An additional helpful book in the arts and crafts collection is “Shaping Your Kids Creativity: A Guide to Making and Sculpting Your Own Art”. This book is full of great arts and crafts ideas. It focuses on using your imagination to make new works of art. The book also showcases different types of woodworking such as jewelry making, paper mache, crochet and pottery. There are even mosaics, stained glass and beadwork found in this book. This is a must have book for any parent that wants their kids to use their imagination and develop their creativity.

Another helpful reference in the arts and crafts world is “Arts and Crafts for Baby and Toddler” by Jan Davis. This book is geared towards pre-teen children. It contains various arts and crafts activities for the infant, toddler and young child. This book provides a variety of ideas on how to dress their infant doll and what type of clothes to buy. Some of the topics included are color picking, crayons, painting, alphabet letters and numbers, painting trees and flowers and even learning how to sew.

Arts and crafts books offer parents many ways to teach their children to use their imagination. Many of these books offer creative alternatives to traditional subjects such as colors and animals. These books are filled with information for every child from newborns to older children. In addition, many of these books offer unique ideas for projects and activities. These are valuable resources for any family and can be found at most big chain book stores as well as at many libraries.

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