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Is A Foil A Literary Device?

This word play reveals the foil between Hamlet and Laertes, that was developed throughout the play. In Hemingway’s novel, Pedro Romero serves as a foil for the protagonist, Jake Barnes. Romero, a bullfighter, is portrayed as dignified and confident. In this passage, Hemingway also makes clear the authenticity of Romero’s character through his passion for bullfighting.

Foil characters are two characters that contrast to one another. In literature and film, a foil character will contrast from the story’s protagonist. So, let’s dive deeper and talk about what makes a foil character.

A foil is a character whose values differ from those of the protagonist. Usually a foil experiences the same events as the protagonist, but since his values differ, so do his choices and behavior. A foil’s main purpose is to show contrast to the protagonist. In this way, a foil can show how things could have been different for the protagonist if he had chosen a different path. Take a moment to imagine your favorite literary character.

For example, in Louisa May Alcott’sLittle Women, Beth is a foil for her sister Amy’s character. Beth is kind, shy, and selfless, whereas Amy is portrayed as self-centered and rather thoughtless. The disparity between their character traits sheds light on who they both are, but doesn’t necessarily result in opposition between the two. In fiction, a foil is important in the development of the story’s characters. The comparison of the contrasting traits of the characters helps the readers to not only understand their personalities, but also to comprehend the importance of their roles in a work of literature.

In addition, when Hamlet accidentally kills Polonius, both have fathers who have been murdered. This is where the difference between Hamlet and Laertes can be seen. Upon hearing of his father’s death, Laertes rushes home from France, ready to take action against the murderer.

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