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Energy Arts is an ancient healing art that originated in China. The art is the result of many years of study and evolution by master masters in the Far East. The founder of the art was Dr. Yang, who studied kenpo and Chinese martial arts in Europe. He realized that many of the traditional methods of health and well being were not effective when used in combination with his new system.

He developed and taught the concepts of Chi Gong (Cheng qi), taiji (tai chi), and kung fu. Energy Arts is also devoted to providing the best comprehensive Chinese martial arts, qigong, than (traditional Chinese medicinal practice), breathing, and other wellness programs on the world. Dr. Yang discovered and practiced many alternative medicines that improved his knowledge of energy and martial arts. These include acupuncture, reflexology, herbs, naturopathy, homeopathy, and various systems of the body healing. All these are part of the science of franzis. Franzis has been called “the science of healing without surgery”.

When you study energy arts, you learn a great deal about the scientific side of the universe, as well as how to enhance your physical and mental health. You will be trained in chi gong (lightning), tai chi (healing), and meditation techniques. You will also learn how to use simple yet profound forms of energy yoga (belly breathing) and gong (energy flow). This class is designed for students who want to develop their mind-body connection so they can live a better life in every aspect.

The goal of this particular class is to combine yoga and energy arts into one package. Students will learn proper breathing techniques, relaxation, as well as the correct way to perform the yoga positions. They will then have the opportunity to experience an intense form of Taoist meditation. The end result is an overall experience that brings harmony to mind, body, and spirit. Through daily breathing and visualization, students will realize that all things are connected in a never ending process.

The goal of the Taoist energy arts is to promote a holistic lifestyle by encouraging self-awareness, inner balancing, and proper breathing. In the process, students may also discover areas of strength and inner peace. Classes offer a traditional Chinese approach to healing that uses both breath and movement to encourage harmony and tranquility. During the session, students learn how to meditate using specific postures (called chakras). As they practice, they learn the proper breathing techniques as they move deeper into relaxation. Through the process of chi gong, students will learn the proper way to breathe through gentle stretching and deep breathing.

Tai Chi is the most popular form of Chinese medicine, but many energy-based practices have developed over the years. This diversity is part of the reason that it is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to explore the positive benefits of meditation, relaxation, breathing control, and self-awareness. It is also helpful for those who are recovering from an illness or injury because it helps maintain proper function of the body while enhancing physical and mental health. Qi Gong has grown in popularity as more people have become aware of the positive effects that a healthy diet and exercise can have on their physical health. Many experts agree that the consistent use of proper exercise and healthy eating will help promote self-care and inner balance, which can promote better mental health.

Because there is a difference between the martial arts and qi gong, the arts make sure to inculcate the proper breathing and meditation techniques into students. To learn tai chi, students must go through several instructors before they can fully master the art. Because the exercises are so basic, beginners should take the time to learn the basics, including proper breathing techniques. They should also participate in a few class sessions with an experienced master to become better acquainted with the specific forms and movements of the tai chi meditation.

Qi Gong and tai chi gung are very similar, but they do not share many of the same characteristics. Tai chi gung requires routine, daily routines of movement and exercise, while Qi Gong works to improve overall health by focusing on relaxation, meditation, breathing control, and inner awareness. Both types of energy work are very effective when it comes to relieving stress, improving relaxation, and increasing energy. Tai chi gong is more popular among beginners, but both energy arts can be enjoyed by everyone. If you want to enjoy the benefits of both types of energy work, there is nothing better than to start an exercise program with a professional in your area.

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